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Active Members
    Any Bayangam native residing in the U.S., who has paid their membership dues.

    Any person or entity that provides support for the functioning and thriving of

Honorary Members
       Any person or entity with established notoriety in any of the areas that
       constitute part of YOGAM-USA’s goals, any dignitary or elite member of
       Bayangam Village who lends their moral, material, or financial support for the
       functioning and success of the association.

The Executive Board is the organ of execution, control, organization, and evaluation
of decisions made by the General Assembly. Serves a two-year term that is
renewable once. However, its term may be extended if necessary and at the request
of the General Assembly.

Executive Board comprises the following officers:

•        The President
•        The Vice President
•        The Secretary General
•        The Deputy Secretary General
•        The Treasurer
•        The Comptroller
•        The Cultural Affairs Delegate
•        The Communications and Public Relations Delegate
Useful Information
Executive Board
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