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YOGAM-USA is the Bayangam's ear, eye and voice among the YOGAM diaspora living
in the USA.

YOGAM-USA is profoundly attached to individual freedom and human rights, and
repudiates all forms of violence, oppression and discrimination on the basis of race,
age, gender, creed, ethnic origin or social status.
Bayangam Chieftaincy Entrance

Motto                  :    SOLIDARITY, PROGRESS, INTEGRITY
Call to Order       :    Yogam, Kuiche, Bido, Bigom

YOGAM-USA adopts primarily the Bayangam language, and acknowledges French
and English as languages of communication.
    1. to unite all natives of Bayangam village in the United States;

    2. to promote brotherliness and solidarity within both the association and
    Bayangam Village;

    3. to implement programs that aim at fostering socio-cultural, economic and
    academic takeoff among the Bayangam in the U.S. and in Bayangam

    4. to collaborate with organizations or associations sharing similar goals or

    5. to implement programs that may contribute to the welcoming,
    integration, and emergence of Yogam natives in the United States.
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