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Help save African children. Access to drinkable water shouldn't be a dream. Support our actions and make a donation.

FundRaising Goals
Tax Deductible Donations

Organized under the laws of Maryland as a not-for-profit
organization, YOGAM-USA is exempt from tax under section
501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and qualifies for the
maximum charitable contribution deduction by donors.
Yogam-USA is a group of young men and women from
a small village called Bayangam located in the Western
part of Cameroon, a small country in Central Africa. Most
of these young people have been living in the USA for
just about 10 years.
Healthcare is still very precarious
in Bayangam; this is why we are working hard to
facilitate access to drinking water so as to reduce the
resurgence of infectious diseases. We held the first
fundraising event in 2008 and that helped us to finance
the drilling of drinking water and restore existing water
sources in our village.

To encourage our young brothers and sisters living in
this rural area of Cameroon, we distribute
basic school
each year. We firmly believe that education is
the key to sustained development. We also believe, as
Nelson Mandela once stated, that “Education is the
powerful weapon which can be used to change the

Please Support Yogam-USA and its action by donating
or making a pledge during the fundraising event that
will be held on
July 12, 2014.